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Chavez Mexican Restaurante Story

Mexican families are proud of their recipes, but also everyone wants to be unique.

At Chavez Mexican Restaurante, you’ll experience that same essence of the Mexican culinary culture. Using classic family recipes, but fusing with innovating inspirations to make it unique.

Wood Grill 2.JPG

The Authentic
Mexican Taste

WE COOK FROM SCRATCH !!! using only the freshest and finest ingredients in all our dishes, and the House specialty: WOOD FIRE COOKING like Grandma used to do !!! 


Thank you for your preference!

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Made to Order & Delivered at Your Door.

At Chavez Mexican Restaurante, we are always striving to provide our guests the best possible dining experience.

Our selections are rich with the flavors and culture of Mexico, while appealing to the “foodie” in all of us.

Our goals are to showcase our culture through our delicious food and step up on the traditional Mexican Restaurant

Elevating the dining experience with new dishes and renewed commitment to our loyal patrons. We are raising the bar by offering: healthy top-quality food, gluten-friendly options, Fully Stocked Bar, and excellent customer service.

Food is what we sell. People are the business we are in!!!

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